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alignmentAuto Body Repair-3For over 20 Years, we have been servicing our customers and giving them good service at fair prices. We take the time to explain the problem, and discuss your options. Come see why customers rate us number one! "We Install Your Parts" is an auto repair shop you can trust. With our years of experience in auto repair, you can depend on us. We never let our clients down because tune up service is our specialty. When the customer understands what we can do in alignment service, you can rest easy knowing that you made the right choice. Our combination of service and price can't be beat. You won't find better value in auto body repair anywhere else. It's our mission to provide complete customer satisfaction in engine repair. Just let us know what you need and we'll provide assistance. You won't find a better auto repair shop in Webster, TX.


  • Auto Body Repair
    If you're looking for the best auto body repair in Webster, TX, "We Install Your Parts" is the only name you can rely on. If you’ve been in an accident, we can restore your vehicle. When it comes to engine repair, no one can approach our level of quality and commitment. At "We Install Your Parts", your satisfaction is an important part of what we strive for. We always live up to your demands in transmission repair. We get your car up and running again. With our auto repair, we know you'll be more than happy with the results. No one in Webster can match our skills and you always get value for the price. We offer the best deal in tune up service because you deserve nothing less. Let us know what you're looking for and how we can help. If you have any questions about alignment service, don't hesitate to ask. Get in touch with "We Install Your Parts" today.
  • Tune Up Service
    "We Install Your Parts" is known for our dedication to clients, professional expertise, and honest customer service. We go the distance to help you with any car problem no matter how big or small. Because of our great work in tune up service, we have been recognized for excellence. Clients know that they can depend on us anytime. Our maintenance speaks for itself and "We Install Your Parts" welcomes the opportunity to prove it to you. When you think of brake repair, we know that "We Install Your Parts" will be the first name that comes to mind in Webster, TX, because no one does a better job. "We Install Your Parts" has worked hard to earn our reputation. Our success in auto AC repair is based on what you have to say. Your input is important to us because meeting your needs is our top priority. For emission service, we are the ones to call. Check out what "We Install Your Parts" has to offer today.
  • Alignment Service
    We provide outstanding alignment service in Webster, TX. Your car will be in great condition after we’re through with it. We never settle for good enough; we go above and beyond for your sake. We exceed expectations for exhaust replacement and that's why clients appreciate our hard work. Thanks to our experience in catalytic converter replacement, you can rely on us anytime for immediate assistance and unmatched expertise. We will get your car certified in no time. Once you see what we have to offer as an auto repair shop, we know you’ll choose us again. "We Install Your Parts" has a great track record in auto body repair. We've never let a customer down. When you see the "We Install Your Parts" difference for yourself, there's no going back. If you know anyone who needs tune up service, go ahead and spread the word. "We Install Your Parts" is here to answer your needs. Call us today for more information.

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What are the signs that I need brake service?
Your vehicle’s brake system is absolutely critical to your safety. When was
the last time you had a brake check? Your calipers, pads, rotors or fluid
could be breaking down. You may have noticed that your vehicle is taking
longer to stop than it used to. That’s one of the signs, here are some others:
Certified-Service-Brakes-mm 1-316x323-01- Squealing or grinding when you apply the brake pedal
- Noticeable steering wheel shake
- The brakes “grab” suddenly when applying even pressure
- Vehicle pulls to one side
- Pedal vibration
What are the signs that I need shock or strut replacement?
We all hit bumps in the road. Shocks and struts work hard to ensure a smooth
ride and keep your tires flatly on the pavement. Car care experts recommend
annual shock/strut inspections to maintain your vehicle’s safety, performance
and comfort. We know what to look for in order to repair your vehicle’s suspension,
but here are some signs that you need to bring it in for a shock or strut inspection:
suspension- Vehicle “bottoms out” on speed bumps or potholes
- Front end dives when braking
- Vehicle body sways and rolls when turning
- Uneven tire wear
- Leakage in shock or strut seals
My AC isn’t blowing cold, and it’s hot outside! What now?
When your air conditioning system isn’t blowing cold air, you’re going to feel it.
In Webster, your AC is one of the most important systems in your vehicle.
Stay cool, we’re here to help. If your system is experiencing some failures,
you’ll notice the following signs:
AC- AC airflow is weak
- Foul odor coming from AC
- AC takes too much time to get to the right temperature
- Blows cold at first, but then warms up
- Excess noise when the AC is on
- AC is not as cold as it used to be
Collision Repair
Who do I trust to do quality repairs?
When you’re in an accident, it can be a harrowing experience. Know that BYOP
is here to serve you. Our experienced collision team will take care of you and
your vehicle, from start to finish. We provide the following top-notch auto body
collision- Paint
- Body
- Removal and Installation (headlights, tail lights, blinkers, etc)
- Alignment
Oil Change
I need a quick, inexpensive oil change, where do I go?
Looking for an oil change? 
Mileage between oil changes varies anywhere from 3,000-6,000 miles,
but here are some other signs that your vehicle needs an oil change:
oil change- Gas mileage decreases
- Engine runs louder than normal
- Low oil level
- Check engine light comes on
- Engine temperatures